Bible 106, 310

More Encounters and Teachings of Jesus

(Matt. 19:1-20:16; Mark 10:1-31; Luke 18:15-30; 19:1-10)
(Synopsis: §§251-256, 265; pp. 215-220, 228)

  1. What reason did Jesus give why Moses allowed a man to divorce his wife? (§252)

  2. What reason did Jesus give why a man should not divorce his wife? (§252)

  3. In what two ways does the ruling of Jesus about divorce as recorded in Mark differ from that recorded in Matthew? (§252)

  4. What was the difference in attitude toward children between Jesus and his disciples? (§253)

  5. What reason did Jesus give for allowing the children to come to Him and what teaching did He draw from this encounter? (§253)

  6. How does the question that the rich young ruler asked Jesus differ in Matthew's account from Mark's and Luke's? How is it ultimately like theirs? (§254)

  7. What commandments had the rich young ruler kept and what did he lack? (§254)

  8. Why did the rich young ruler go away sorrowful? (§254)

  9. After the rich young ruler left, what statement by Jesus surprised his disciples? (§254)

  10. What statement by Jesus caused His disciples to ask "who can be saved" and how did Jesus answer that? (§254)

  11. What reward did Jesus promise to those left everything and followed him? (§254)

  12. In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, how much did the landowner agree to pay the workers? (§256)

  13. In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, how late in the day did the landowner go out looking for workers? (§256)

  14. In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, why did some of the workers complain about the pay? (§256)

  15. What did the crowd complain about regarding Jesus? (§265)

  16. What two things did Zacchaeus promise Jesus? (§265)

  17. For what purpose did Jesus say that He came into the world? (§265)

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