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Old Testament Law


A. Read Lev. 11:1-30; 12:1-8; 19:18; 23:1-44; Deut. 5:1-22; 6:4-9; 19:15; 24:1-4; 25:5-10

B. Answer the following questions to be turned in at the beginning of next period.

  1. What were the two criteria a four-footed animal had to meet to be considered fit to eat?

  2. Who were the Israelites told that they must love as themselves?

  3. What were the Israelites supposed to do on the Sabbath?

  4. For how long was a new mother considered unclean after the birth of a baby boy? (count carefully!)

  5. What is one chapter in which the Ten Commandments are found?

  6. What words were the Israelites to teach their children?

  7. How many witnesses did it take to convict a person of a crime?

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