Bible 106, 310

Events of Resurrection Sunday

The following is one of several possible ways of ordering the events of Resurrection Sunday:
  1. An angel comes & rolls back the stone from the tomb (Mt. 28:2). The guards are frozen with fear (Mt. 28:4).
  2. Mary Magdalene and another Mary (Mt. 28:1) come before dawn while it is still dark (Jn. 20:1) and find the stone rolled away.
  3. Other women (including Joanna and Salome) come at or after sunrise (Mk. 16:2; Lk. 24:1).
  4. Angels (young men) appear to the women (Mk. 16:5; Lk. 24:4).
  5. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James leave to tell the apostles (Mt. 28:8; Mk. 16:8; Lk. 24:9-10; Jn. 20:2). Some women report the vision of angels to the disciples (Lk. 24:24).Some say nothing out of fear (Mk. 16:8).
  6. Peter and John start for the tomb; Mary and other women follow.
  7. Peter and John arrive at the tomb and find it empty (Lk. 24:12; Jn. 20:3-9).
  8. Peter and John go home (Jn. 20:10) and report findings (Lk. 24:24).
  9. Mary Magdalene stays and sees Jesus (Jn. 20:11-17; Mk. 16:9). Jesus also appears to other women (Mt. 28:9-10).
  10. Cleopas and his companion leave (Lk. 24:13-14).
  11. Women, including Mary Magdalene, go to tell the disciples about the risen Lord, but the disciples do not believe them (Mt. 28:11; Mk. 16:10-11; Lk. 24:11; Jn. 20:18).
  12. Some of the guards go to the chief priests and tell them what happened. The Jewish council pays them money to say that the disciples stole the body while they were asleep (Mt. 28:11-15).

    The order of thirteen and fourteen is uncertain.

  13. Jesus appears to Peter, who reports it to the disciples (Lk. 24:34).
  14. Jesus appears to Cleopas and companion (Lk. 24:15-32; Mk. 16:12)
  15. They return to Jerusalem to report it to the disciples (Lk. 24:33) but are not believed (Mk. 16:13).
  16. Jesus appears to the disciples in a locked room that evening (Mk. 16:14-18; Lk. 24:36-43; Jn. 20:19-23).

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