Bible 106

The Resurrection of Jesus

(Matt. 28; Mark 16; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-18)
(Synopsis: §§352-354, 363-364; pp. 325-329, 334-335)

  1. When did the women go to Jesus' tomb? What did they go there to do? (§352)

  2. Who rolled back the stone from the tomb? (§352)

  3. Who did the women find at Jesus' tomb? What were they told there? (§352)

  4. Who ran to the tomb to check on the women's report? Who got there first? Who went in the tomb first? (§352)

  5. What did the men see at the tomb that made at least one of them believe that Jesus was raised from the dead? (§352)

  6. When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, who did she think He was at first? What did He say that made her realize this was really Jesus? (§353)

  7. What did the guards do after the resurrection? What story did they tell? (§354)

  8. To whom did Jesus appear first after His resurrection? (§363)

  9. What was the attitude of the remaining apostles toward the report that Jesus had risen from the dead? (§363)

  10. Where did Jesus tell His disciples to go and preach? What two things were they to tell people to do to be saved? (§363)

  11. What was the purpose of the signs the apostles performed? (§363)

  12. When Jesus met the remaining eleven apostles on a mountain in Galilee, what four commands did He give them? What two things did He say that was reassuring? (§364)

  13. Who did Jesus say should be baptized? In what name should they be baptized? (§364)

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