Bible 106

Various Miracles of Jesus
& The Sending Out of the Twelve

(Matthew 8-12; Mark 4:35-5:43; Luke 7; 8:19-9:6)
(Synopsis: §§84-121, pp. 72-113)

  1. Of whom did Jesus say that he had not found such faith in Israel and why did he say this? (§85)

  2. What did Jesus do to the son of the widow of Nain? (§86)

  3. In what way did Jesus say that He was different from foxes and birds? (§89)

  4. What did Jesus do when his disciples woke Him from His sleep in the boat? (§90)

  5. What was the name of the demons in the man who lived among the tombs and why were they named this? (§91)

  6. When Jesus healed the man with demons who had lived among the tombs, why were the people of the town upset? (§91)

  7. What event delayed Jesus' trip to heal Jarius' daughter? (§95)

  8. What did the crowd do when Jesus said that Jarius' daughter was not dead, but just sleeping? (§95)

  9. When Jesus sent out the twelve apostles, where did He tell them to go and not to go? (§99)

  10. What did Jesus tell his twelve apostles not to take with them and why did He say this? (§99)

  11. What did Jesus tell his twelve apostles to do to those who would not receive them or listen to them? (§99)

  12. Who did Jesus say that a disciple and a servant should be like? (§100)

  13. Who did Jesus say that we should fear and not fear? (§101)

  14. Who will Jesus acknowledge and deny before the Father? (§101)

  15. What three groups did Jesus say are not worthy of Him? (§103)

  16. How did Jesus' reply to John the Baptist's disciples answer John's question that he had sent them with? (§106)

  17. What three things did Jesus suggest that the crowds might have gone out into the wilderness to see? Which did Jesus say was right? (§107)

  18. How did Luke say that the Pharisees and lawyers had rejected God's purpose for themselves? (§107)

  19. What conclusion did Jesus draw from the parable of the two debtors when he applied it to the Pharisee Simon and the woman who anointed his feet with ointment? (§114)

  20. By whom did the Pharisees say that Jesus cast out demons? (§117)

  21. What sin did Jesus say would never receive forgiveness? (§118)

  22. What was the sign called that Jesus said would be the only one given to an evil and adulterous generation? Of what did it consist? (§119)

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