Bible 106

The Trial of Jesus

(Matt. 26:57-27:26; Mark 14:53-15:15; Luke 22:54-23:25; John 18:13-19:16)
(Synopsis: §§332-341; pp. 301-314)

  1. When Jesus was first arrested, whose house did they lead him to first? What was his relationship to the high priest? (§332)

  2. How many of Jesus' disciples followed Jesus at a distance when He was arrested, and who were they? (§332)

  3. What sample false testimony against Jesus do Matthew and Mark record? Could the witnesses agree on this testimony? (§332)

  4. What did Jesus say that the high priest considered blasphemy? (§332)

  5. Who accused Peter of being with Jesus the first time he denied knowing Him? (§333)

  6. Do you see any evidence that a number of people may have accused Peter of being one of Jesus' disciples before he denied Jesus a second time? What evidence? (§333)

  7. What made the bystanders think that Peter was a Galilean? (§333)

  8. To whom did the Jewish leaders take Jesus early in the morning, and where did he live? Did the Jewish leaders go into his living quarters? Why or why not? (§334)

  9. What happened to the money for which Judas betrayed Jesus? (§335)

  10. Of what crimes did the Jewish leaders accuse Jesus? (§336)

  11. What did Jesus say about his kingdom/kingship? (§336)

  12. After Pilate had first examined Jesus, what preliminary verdict did he give to the Jewish leaders? (§336)

  13. Why was Herod glad to see Jesus? (§337)

  14. What did Herod do with Jesus? (§338)

  15. What custom did the Jews have through which Pilate hoped to release Jesus? (§339)

  16. When Pilate wanted to release Jesus, who did he suggest to the crowd as an alternative that he might release if not Jesus? What was the man's crime? (§339)

  17. What did Pilate have done to Jesus before he presented Him to the crowd one last time? (§340)

  18. What did the Jewish leaders tell Pilate about Jesus that made him afraid, and what did he ask Jesus as a result? (§340)

  19. Where did Jesus say that Pilate got his power over Jesus? (§340)

  20. What statement that the Jewish leaders made finally caused Pilate to condemn Jesus? (§340)

  21. At what day and hour does John say that Jesus was before Pilate? (§340)

  22. How did the people respond when Pilate washed his hands? (§341)

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