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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 1

  1. In what ways did God speak to the fathers?

  2. When has God spoken through a Son? To whom?

  3. What is the relationship of the Son to the glory of God?

  4. What is the relationship of the Son to the nature/substance of God?

  5. Where is the Son seated? After what did He sit down?

  6. What is the first group that the writer of Hebrews says that the Son is superior to/better than?

  7. What does God say that the angels should do when He brings the first-born into the world?

  8. What does God make His angels?

  9. By what title does God address the Son when He speaks of His throne?

  10. Like what does God roll up the heavens?

  11. For whose sake do angels serve/minister?

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