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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 10:1-18

  1. How does the Hebrews writer characterize the law?

  2. What can the continual sacrifices of the law not do?

  3. What would worshippers not have if these sacrifices cleansed them?

  4. What do these sacrifices serve as year after year?

  5. What does the Hebrews writer say cannot take away sins?

  6. What did Christ in the Psalms say that God had prepared for Him?

  7. What did Christ in the Psalms say that He came to do?

  8. What did God abolish? What did He establish?

  9. Where did Christ sit down? For how long?

  10. What is the effect of a single offering of one sacrifice?

  11. What is the result of the forgiveness of sins as regards sacrifices?

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