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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 11:17-40

  1. What did Abraham think that God would do to Issac that made him willing to sacrifice his son?

  2. Who did Isaac bless by faith? Who did Jacob bless by faith?

  3. What were Moses' parents not afraid of?

  4. What did Moses choose to share rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin?

  5. What did Moses consider as being greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt?

  6. What did Moses look to that allowed him to suffer? What did he see that allowed him not to fear?

  7. Why was the prostitute Rahab not killed with the disobedient?

  8. What six people does the Hebrews writer name as having faith but says that he has no time to discuss them?

  9. Why did people refuse to accept release from torture?

  10. What does the Hebrews writer say that the world's relationship with the people of faith was?

  11. Why did the people in Hebrews 11 not receive what was promised?

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