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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 12:1-17

  1. What two things does the Hebrews writer say we should throw off and lay aside?

  2. What two titles does the Hebrews writer give Jesus at the beginning of chapter 12?

  3. What enabled Jesus to endure the cross and despise its shame?

  4. To what point had the original readers of Hebrews not yet resisted in their struggle with sin?

  5. Whom does the Lord discipline?

  6. What is the person who is not disciplined by the Lord?

  7. When did earthly fathers discipline us? Why does God discipline us?

  8. What does discipline yield or produce later?

  9. What will one not see the Lord without?

  10. What does the Hebrews writer warn against that can grow up and defile many?

  11. What two sins does the Hebrews writer warn against, one of which Esau is an example of having?

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