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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 13

  1. Why does the Hebrews writer say that one should show hospitality to strangers?

  2. What attitude does the Hebrews writer say that one should have toward marriage?

  3. What should one keep his life free from?

  4. Whom were the receipients of the letter to the Hebrews exhorted to remember?

  5. In what three times is Jesus Christ the same?

  6. Where were the bodies of sacrifices burned? Where did Jesus suffer?

  7. What is the sacrifice of praise which is offered to God?

  8. What two other sacrifices are pleasing to God?

  9. Why should one obey and submit to leaders?

  10. What does the writer call the letter to the Hebrews? How long does he say it is?

  11. With whom was the Hebrews writer planning on seeing the original readers of this letter?

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