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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 5

  1. What does a high priest offer?

  2. Why can a high priest deal gently with the ignorant and straying?

  3. For whom must a high priest first offer sins?

  4. How does a person become high priest?

  5. For how long a time was Christ made high priest? After/in what order?

  6. What did Jesus offer up to God in the days of his flesh? What accompanied the offerings?

  7. How did the Son learn obedience?

  8. For whom is Jesus the source of eternal salvation?

  9. Why is the message of the Hebrews writer hard to explain?

  10. What does the Hebrews writer say that his audience needed to be taught again? What metaphor did he use to describe this?

  11. How does the Hebrews writer describe those who are mature?

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