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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 6

  1. What six foundational elementary teachings are listed at the beginning of chapter 6 by the Hebrews writer?

  2. What four characteristics describe those who could fall away?

  3. Why can such people who fall away not be restored to repentance?

  4. What analogy does he use to describe such people?

  5. What does the Hebrews writer say that God will not overlook or forget?

  6. Who does the Hebrews writer want his readers to imitate?

  7. Whom did God swear by in His promise to Abraham?

  8. Who do humans usually swear by?

  9. What two unchangable things does God not prove false in?

  10. What is our anchor for the soul?

  11. Where has Jesus gone in as a forerunner on our behalf?

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