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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 7:15-28

  1. Who does the Hebrews writer say that the other priest who has arisen is like?

  2. What kind of requirement or regulation must priests ordinarily meet to become priests?

  3. On what basis did Jesus become a priest?

  4. Why was the former commandment set aside?

  5. What did the law make perfect?

  6. What is the result of the better hope that we have?

  7. What passage does the Hebrews writer quote to prove that Christ was made a priest by an oath? (i.e., where is it found)

  8. What is Jesus the surety or guarantee of?

  9. Why were there many priests under the old law?

  10. What does Jesus live to do?

  11. What is it that Levitical priests do that Jesus has no need to do? What did He offer?

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