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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 8

  1. What was the main point that the Hebrews writer was trying to say?

  2. Where does Jesus serve as a minister? Who set it up?

  3. What are high priests appointed to do?

  4. What is the relationship between the earthly sanctuary and the heavenly sanctuary?

  5. What did God tell Moses to be careful about when he was about to erect the tabernacle?

  6. How much more excellent is Christ's ministry than that of the earthly priests? Why?

  7. What shows that the first covenant was not faultless?

  8. With whom does God find fault?

  9. Where would God put his laws under the new covenant?

  10. What would people not say to their neighbors and brothers under the new covenant?

  11. What would be God's attitude toward his people's sins under the new covenant?

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