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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 9:1-14

  1. What does the Hebrews writer say was in the Holy Place in the tabernacle?

  2. What two pieces of furniture did the Holy of Holies/Most Holy Place in the tabernacle have according to the Hebrews writer?

  3. What did the ark of the covenant contain?

  4. Who went into the second, inner room of the tabernacle? How often?

  5. What is the Holy Spirit showing by the Day of Atonement?

  6. What is the first, outer room of the tabernacle symbolic for?

  7. What are the three things that regulations of the old covenant deal with? For how long?

  8. Into what kind of tabernacle did Christ enter?

  9. What did Christ take into the Most Holy Place?

  10. What items were sprinkled under the old covenant for ceremonial purification?

  11. What does the blood of Christ cleanse and purify? From what?

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