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Homework: Hebrews
Chapter 9:15-28

  1. What is Christ the mediator of?

  2. What did the death of Christ redeem/ransom people from?

  3. What has to be proven/established where a will is involved before it can take effect?

  4. What kind of blood did Moses use to ratify the first covenant?

  5. What did Moses sprinkle with the blood of the covenant?

  6. What does not happen without the shedding of blood?

  7. What was purified with these earthly sacrifices by Moses? What are heavenly things purified with?

  8. Into what has Christ entered on our behalf? Into whose presence?

  9. How often does the high priest enter the Most Holy Place? How often did Christ offer Himself?

  10. What two things are appointed to happen to men?

  11. What will Christ appear a second time to do?

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