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Homework: Joshua-Esther
I Chronicles:
Reading: 5:1-2; 6:20-38; 10; 13; 15:1-16; 15:25-16:6;
16:37-17:15; 19-21; 23:1-6; 24:1-5; 25:1, 6-8; 28-29

  1. To which of his sons did Israel give the birthright?

  2. To what tribe did Samuel belong?

  3. Why did Saul die?

  4. Where did the ark of the covenant stay for three months after Uzzah died?

  5. With what kind of music was the ark of the covenant brought to Jerusalem? What was King David doing at that time?

  6. What prophet told David that God did not want him to build a house of cedar for Him? Who would build the house?

  7. What did Hanun king of the Ammonites do to David's men in order to insult him?

  8. Who according to the Chronicler incited David to number Israel?

  9. Into how many groups did David organize the priests?

  10. When David prayed just before his death, what eight things did he say belonged to God?

  11. How long did David reign over Israel? In what cities?

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