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Homework: Joshua-Esther
I Kings 1-3, 6-8, 10-12

  1. What beautiful young woman became the king's nurse to keep him warm?

  2. What in David's raising of Adonijah had led him to believe that it was OK to rebel against his father?

  3. Who went with Solomon to anoint him king at Gihon?

  4. What men did David instruct Solomon to deal with?

  5. Who did Adonijah ask Bathsheba to ask Solomon if he could have as wife?

  6. What did Solomon ask for at Gibeon? What did God promise to give him?

  7. Which prostitute did Solomon say was the mother of the living child that was brought to him?

  8. What was in the ark of the covenant at the time the temple was built?

  9. Who came from and distant country and said that half of Solomon's acts and wisdom had not been told?

  10. How many wives and concubines did Solomon have? What did they do to him?

  11. To what and in what way did Rehoboam compare his little finger?

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