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Homework: Joshua-Esther
I Kings 13-14, 16:21-22:53

  1. Why was the man of God from Judah who came to Jeroboam punished? What was his punishment?

  2. Who did Jeroboam's wife pretend to be when she came to see Ahijah? What did he tell her would happen to Abijah?

  3. Who was the city of Samaria named after? Who established it?

  4. Who did Ahab take as wife? Where was she from?

  5. What did the widow from Zarephath live on during the drought?

  6. Who did Elijah raise from the dead?

  7. What all did Elijah do to prepare a sacrifice on Mount Carmel?

  8. What was God not in on Mount Horeb when He appeared to Elijah? With what did He finally speak to Elijah?

  9. With what wise saying did Ahab respond to Ben-hadad king of Syria (Aram) when he boasted of how Syria would destroy Israel?

  10. How did Ahab respond to Elijah's message of condemnation after Jezebel had Naboth killed?

  11. How did Ahab die? Who had prophesied that he would?

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