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Homework: Joshua-Esther
I Samuel 12-20

  1. About what did Samuel want to plead with the people and so he ask them to stand still and listen?

  2. What did Saul do at Gilgal that caused Samuel to say that God would not establish his kingdom so that it would continue?

  3. What sign from the Lord did Jonathan tell his armor-bearer that they would look for to know whether to attack the Philistines?

  4. What rash oath did Saul make that caused him almost to kill his son?

  5. In what three ways did Saul tell Samuel that he and the people had obeyed the command (voice) of the LORD to go and destroy the Amalekites and their possessions?

  6. To what did Samuel compare the sins of rebellion and stubbornness?

  7. How did God tell Samuel that He looked at a man when Samuel was thinking that Eliab would be king after Saul?

  8. What came upon David when he was anointed by Samuel to be king? What happened to Saul at that time?

  9. What did David say that Goliath had brought to the battle between them? What did David say that he himself had brought?

  10. What "bride-price" did David give Saul for the right to marry his daughter?

  11. What did Michal put in David's bed to fool the men who came to arrest him?

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