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Homework: Joshua-Esther
I Samuel 21-31

  1. What restriction did Ahimelech place on David's taking the holy bread?

  2. Who killed Ahimelech and the priests? Who escaped?

  3. What did David use to inquire of the Lord about what the people of Keilah would do? Who was priest at this time?

  4. Where did David cut off the skirt of Saul's robe?

  5. Who was Nabal's wife? What did his name mean?

  6. How did Nabal's widow answer David's servants when they came to propose that she become David's wife?

  7. What did David take from Saul's camp while Saul and his soldiers slept?

  8. To whom did David escape to get away from Saul? What city did he give David?

  9. What people destroyed the city where David lived and captured his wives and the families of his men?

  10. Where did Saul go to find a medium? Who did he ask her to conjure up for him?

  11. Who did Saul ask to kill him? How did Saul actually die?

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