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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Kings 1-8

  1. Why did God through Elijah say that Ahaziah would not recover from his illness, but would die?

  2. What did Elisha ask Elijah for when he knew that he was to leave him?

  3. What separated Elijah and Elisha? What took Elijah up to heaven?

  4. What did the boys who made fun of Elisha on the road to Bethel say? What happened to them?

  5. What occurred to cause the power of the Lord to come on Elisha so he could prophesy to the kings in the campaign against Moab?

  6. What did the woman from Shunem provide for Elisha and his servant? What did Elisha promise her that she would receive in return?

  7. What did Elisha do to the son of the Shunammite woman?

  8. For what did Naaman ask Elisha that God would pardon him?

  9. What had two women in Samaria agreed to do that caused the king to tear his clothes in sorrow?

  10. When the lepers discovered that the Syrian had fled from besieging Samaria, what did they say that caused them to go tell the king?

  11. What emotion did Elisha show when he anointed Hazael king of Syria (Aram)?

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