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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Kings 18-25

  1. What did the people do with the bronze serpent that Moses had made and what happened to it after that?

  2. When was the city of Samaria captured? Where were the Israelites in the Northern kingdom carried captive?

  3. In what language did the Rabshakeh, the field commander, speak to the servants of Hezekiah?

  4. What reason did Hezekiah give in his prayer as to why the kings of Assyria had been able to destroy the gods of the nations?

  5. What did Isaiah tell Hezekiah that God had planned from of old?

  6. In what position did Hezekiah pray when told he was to die? With what did he accompany his prayer?

  7. What sign was given Hezekiah that he would get well?

  8. What did Hilkiah the high priest find and where?

  9. What did Josiah destroy in his reforms?

  10. How long had it been since Israel had kept a Passover like they did the days of Josiah?

  11. What king was carried off to Babylonian captivity with 10,000 captives by Nebuchadnezzar? What king was carried off to captivity blind?

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