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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Kings 9-13, 16-17

  1. Who anointed Jehu king?

  2. Why did the watchman at Jezreel think that the chariot driver coming might be Jehu?

  3. What did Jezebel do when she heard that Jehu had come to Jezreel?

  4. How many sons of Ahab were killed in Samaria? Who killed them?

  5. What person did Jehu take with him into the house of Baal?

  6. Who saved Joash when Athaliah killed all other of Ahaziah's sons? Who was priest at that time?

  7. How old was Joash/Jehoash when he became king? What happened to Athaliah?

  8. What did Joash/Jehoash do to the temple?

  9. What happened to the man who was thrown into the tomb of Elisha?

  10. Who was king in the north when Samaria was destroyed? Who was king in the south at this time?

  11. What peoples were resettled in the land of Israel by the Assyrians?

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