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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Samuel 1-8

  1. Who came to David claiming to have killed Saul? What proof did he bring?

  2. What "reward" did David give the man discussed above who brought this news of Saul's death?

  3. Who was made king over Israel following Saul's death? Who made him king?

  4. Who did Abner kill in battle? Whose brother was he?

  5. Whom did David insist that Abner bring with him if he wanted to see him?

  6. How did Ish-bosheth die?

  7. What city did David make his capital over all Israel?

  8. What sound was David to wait for before he attacked the Philistines?

  9. Why did Uzzah die?

  10. What did David do before the Lord that made Michal despise him?

  11. What promise did God give David through the prophet Nathan?

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