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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Samuel 17-24

  1. What was the ultimate reason why people thought that Hushai's counsel was better than Ahithophel's?

  2. What did Ahithophel do in response?

  3. How was Absalom caught so that Joab could kill him?

  4. How did David react to Absalom's death?

  5. Who was the first of the Benjaminites to welcome David back? What did Abishai want to do to him and why?

  6. Who did David make commander of his army in place of Joab? What did Joab do to this person?

  7. Who saved the city of Abel from destruction by Joab? How was it done?

  8. What had Saul done that caused the Lord to bring a three year famine on the land in the time of David?

  9. What did David do that caused the Lord to bring a pestilence on the Israelites in which 70,000 died?

  10. Where was the angel of the LORD when he stopped killing people?

  11. What kind of burnt offerings did David say that he would not offer to the Lord?

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