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Homework: Joshua-Esther
II Samuel 9-16

  1. To whom did David show kindness? What was his relationship to Saul?

  2. How did Hanun embarasss David's servants sent to console him?

  3. What did David see that caused him to be tempted to commit adultery? Who did he see?

  4. How many times did David try to get Uriah to go to his house to his wife? Why did Uriah say he wouldn't do it?

  5. What two things did the prophet Nathan tell David that he had done that was evil in God's sight? (don't do this one from memory; look at the text or you will get it wrong!)

  6. What was David's reply to Nathan? What words of encouragement and punishment did Nathan give him in response?

  7. Why did David say that he rose and ate when his child died?

  8. Who raped David's daughter Tamar? Who avenged her rape and how?

  9. Who did Joab get to talk David into bringing back his son Absalom from exile?

  10. What did Absalom do to steal the hearts of the people of Israel away from David?

  11. Which of David's wise advisors defected to Absalom? Which pretended to defect but remained loyal to David?

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