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Homework: Joshua-Esther
Reading: 1-10

  1. What did King Ahasuerus want Queen Vashti to do and why?

  2. What bad result of Queen Vashti's refusal did Memucan foresee?

  3. What blood relationship was Esther to Mordecai? In what relationship had he raised her?

  4. What did Esther take with her when she left to go in to the king?

  5. What did Mordecai refuse to do that made Haman furious?

  6. Why did Mordecai tell Esther that she had come to the kingdom?

  7. Who did Esther invite to her banquet?

  8. After Haman honored Mordecai, leading him around town on the king's horse, how did he return to his house?

  9. On the second feast day, when Haman pled with Esther for his life, what did the King accuse him of trying to do in his own house?

  10. On what was Haman hanged?

  11. On what days were the feast of Purim to be celebrated?

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