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Homework: Joshua-Esther
Ezra 1, 3-7, 8:15-10:19, 10:44

  1. What king commanded for the Israelites to return to their homeland? Why did he do it? (the ultimate reason)

  2. How many temple vessels of gold and silver did the exiles bring back to Israel with them?

  3. What two men led in rebuilding the altar on the temple site?

  4. Who discouraged the Jews from rebuilding the temple? Until when did construction stop?

  5. Who discouraged the Jews from rebuilding the walls in the days of Artaxerxes?

  6. What prophets encouraged the people to begin rebuilding the temple?

  7. What did King Darius say should happen to anyone who altered his edict to rebuild the temple?

  8. What Persian king allowed Ezra to return to Israel?

  9. Why did Ezra proclaim a fast at the river Ahava before returning to the land of Israel?

  10. How high did Ezra tell God in his prayer that the people's guilt had piled up?

  11. What did Ezra have the people do with their foreign wives?

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