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Homework: Joshua-Esther
Joshua 1-6

  1. What was Joshua's father's name?

  2. What was Joshua told that he was to do day and night with the law?

  3. Which tribes did Moses settle on the east side of the Jordan River?

  4. With whom did the spies sent to Jericho go to stay? What was this person's profession?

  5. What was to be put in the window as a sign by the person who helped the spies?

  6. What were the priests carrying when they stepped into the Jordan River?

  7. How many stones did the Jews set up in the middle of the Jordan? (not NIV)

  8. What happened to the Israelite men at Gilgal? What was used to accomplish this?

  9. How many times in all did the Israelites circle Jericho?

  10. What were the Israelites told to do with the spoils of the city?

  11. What curse did Joshua put on the one who rebuilt Jericho?

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