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Introduction to Missions
Bib. Foundations & Cont. Strategies
Chapter 1: Theological Foundations of Missions

  1. When was the "social gospel" movement strong? What did it deemphasize and stress? On what theology was it based?

  2. What does Van Rheenen characterize as the main thought of Western secularism?

  3. What are the five elements of the analogy of the river that Van Rheenen gives and what do each symbolize?

  4. In what is mission rooted?

  5. What Old Testament illustration does Van Rheenen give to show that the mission is God's?

  6. What are five applications of the "Mission of God" that can be made?


  7. How does Van Rheenen define "mission"? How does he define "missions"?

  8. What did Christ proclaim as His message? How did the message change after His death and resurrection?

  9. In what three ways does the book of Acts show the Holy Spirit working in the mission of God?

  10. What two themes of the church in relation to God does Van Rheenen emphasize?

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