Bible 322 Return to Syllabus

Introduction to Missions
Bib. Foundations & Cont. Strategies
Chapter 11: Field Selection (Part 1)

  1. What are two primary and two secondary considerations for field selection?


  2. What three divisions do Williard and Barrett make for the world, and what percentage of population, missionaries, and Christian finances do each contain/receive?

    What distinction between unevangelized and unreached do the advocates for unreached peoples draw?


  3. Thought question: Are any people in Worlds B and C either unevanglized or unreached?


  4. What is the 10/40 Window and what are the statistics associated with it?


  5. What are the strengths and limitations of prioritizing unreached peoples for mission efforts?


  6. Thought question: What effect does one's view of the church have on unreached peoples categories?

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