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Introduction to Missions
Bib. Foundations & Cont. Strategies
Chapter 11: Field Selection (Part 2)

  1. In what dynamic principle about the nature of the world is the concept of receptivity rooted?


  2. In what scriptural principles is the concept of receptivity rooted?


  3. Are people who share nationality, ethnicity, and/or historical events all affected the same? Give evidence for your answer.


  4. To what does the phrase "hold lightly" refer? Why is this important?


  5. What three factors affect receptivity?


  6. In areas where there are competing religious groups, which ones tend to grow fastest?


  7. What are the strengths and limitations of prioritizing receptive peoples?


  8. What are three kinds of factors that enter into making a decision to go to a particular field based on personal preference?


  9. How is the ratio of rural to urban population changing? What impact does this have on where mission efforts should be concentrated?

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