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Introduction to Missions
Bib. Foundations & Cont. Strategies
Chapter 7: Cross-cultural Communication

  1. What are the elements of the communication process within a single culture?

  2. How is the communication process complicated by the introduction of a second or third culture?

  3. Describe American, Biblical, and Sub-Saharan African world view on each of the following scales:
    1. Naturalistic, Spiritualistic
      1. Reality and extent of the supernatural world
      2. Causes of Illness and Accidents
    2. Individualistic, Group-oriented
      1. Family extent
      2. Social Structure
      3. Decision Making
    3. Optimistic, Fatalistic
      1. Destiny
      2. Change in social status and wealth
    4. Time-Orientation
      1. Past, present, and future primary orientation
      2. Cyclical vs. linear passage of time
      3. Importance/pressure of time
      4. View of death

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