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Introduction to Missions
Bib. Foundations & Cont. Strategies
Chapters 8 and 9: Strategy in Missions

  1. What are the two foundations for strategy in missions? Which one is often ignored by missiologists?

  2. How does Van Rheenen define "strategy"?

  3. What are four types of strategies and one strength and weakness of each?

  4. What are the three primary tasks of missions for which strategy is needed?

  5. What are two kinds of churches listed by Broom and how do each reproduce?

  6. What are four guidelines for the effective planting of new churches?

  7. What are four stages of church maturation and the role of the missionary in each?

  8. What are four mentalities of urban peoples?

  9. What kind of church structure are many missiologists advocating for urban contexts? Is it based on biblical or pragmatic concerns?

  10. What are three modes of leadership training?

  11. What are four guidelines for effective leadership training?

  12. What kinds of missionary efforts do not lead to the development of churches?

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