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Introduction to Missions
Guidelines for World Evangelism
Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. What are some possible reasons that the Baptist missionaries Carpenter and Crawford felt that the "subsidy system" hindered church growth?

  2. What three principles of mission work did Crawford advocate?

  3. What about the message from the West is so confused that it would hinder acceptance in China?

  4. What would be the advantages of each of Nevius' principles?
    1. self-support
    2. self-propagation
    3. self-government
    4. wide itineration
    5. strict church discipline
    6. native benevolence

  5. In what country did the Presbyterian Church try Nevius' principles? What response occurred? Were the principles involved in this response?

  6. Which two of Roland Allen's principles would seem to make the most sense to you?

  7. What is a "social gospel"? Do you see any tendencies to preach such a gospel today?

  8. Which of the principles of the Laymen's Report are good and which are bad?

  9. What academic discipline did the World Missionary Conference at Madras lay a foundation for its use in missions?

  10. What two things did McGavran think that a student of missions needs to be able to determine?

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