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Introduction to Missions
Guidelines for World Evangelism
Chapter 10: Women in Missions

  1. Classify Hardin's list of nine missionary motives as primary, secondary, or defective.


  2. Which, if any, of the ten missionary qualifications that Hardin lists would apply primarily to women rather than men?


  3. What problems might arise if only the husband in a missionary family receives missionary preparation or training?


  4. What are two additional responsibilities that fall on missionary wives that do not fall on non-missionary wives?


  5. What are five factors that a marriage relationship should have on the mission field?


  6. What are three ways that children may be taught on the mission field?


  7. What are special problems that single missionary women face on the mission field?


  8. What are seven ways that Hardin lists that women may develop interpersonal relationships on the mission field? What is an obvious extra way for missionary mothers that she omits?

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