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Introduction to Missions
Guidelines for World Evangelism
Chapter 2: The Biblical Imperative

  1. What are three reasons that Slate gives for the surge in evangelism following World War II?


  2. What was the ultimate reason that God worked through "the few"--the Jews?


  3. What events does Slate call the "hinge of history"?


  4. What groups of people does Slate think that the universal nature of the message means that churches must plan to evangelize?


  5. What are the elements of a "valid decision" for or against Christ? What can get in the way of a "valid decision"?


  6. What does Slate say is a major criterion for measuring evangelistic effort?


  7. How might the future coming of Christ serve as a motive for evangelism?


  8. How might the second greatest commandment serve as a motive for evangelism?


  9. How would a desire to praise God serve as a motive for evangelism?


  10. How might churches be in "partnership in the gospel" with evangelists?

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