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Introduction to Missions
Guidelines for World Evangelism
Chapter 5: Church Growth Principles

  1. With what tragic phrase did Reuel Lemmons end many of the paragraphs in his talk "Ghosts of past failures"?

  2. Instead of trying harder, how does Broom suggest we try?

  3. What are two things that Broom says should be countable?

  4. What according to Wagner does the phrase "mysterious working of God's Spirit" often represent?

  5. What fields of human wisdom can sometimes be used to help establish churches?

  6. What can disguise the real facts that a harvester needs to know?

  7. What are six things that God wills according to Broom?
  8. What two kinds of life does Broom contrast and apply to churches?

  9. What three kinds of growth does Broom say that God wants?

  10. What three self's are usually associated with indigenous churches?

  11. What are six necessary qualities for church planters?
  12. In what two ways must a church planter be culturally sensitive?

  13. What are six questions that a church planter should ask?

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