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Introduction to Missions

Luzbetak, Louis J. 1970. The church and cultures. Techny, IL: Divine Word Publications.


  1. What term refers to the fusion of moral or religious behavior of which Christo-paganism is an example?

  2. What American Indian religion is a good example of Christo-paganism? Where did it originate?

  3. How do the Chols of Mexico reinterpret the Catholic practice of putting a black cloth over the crucifix in church?

  4. What two gods does a Guatemalan Christo-pagan believe in?

  5. What does Luzbetak think is the first step toward solving the problem of Christo-paganism?

  6. What three things does Luzbetak say that Christo-paganism is the result of?

  7. What does Luzbetak think is lacking that causes Christo-pagan beliefs and practices?

  8. List at least five functions of polygyny:

  9. What does Luzbetak say encourages syncretism?

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