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Introduction to Missions
Mission Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?
Chapters 2 and 3

  1. What evidence does Allen present that Paul followed opportunities presented by the providence of God's Spirit rather than a strategic plan he had worked out?

  2. What political unit does Allen believe that Paul was trying to evangelize on his journeys?

  3. What are four characteristics of centers where Paul preached according to Allen?

  4. What evidence does Allen present that Paul did not depend chiefly upon a city having the above characteristics in choosing to evangelize it?

  5. What does Allen think the difference is between evangelism in the cities in the first and twentieth centuries?

  6. Why does Allen think that Paul's having Jewish synagogues to start evangelizing in was not a great advantage over our situation today?

  7. To what classes did Paul direct his message? What evidence is there for this?

  8. Of what kind of character does Allen say the first converts in an area often are?

  9. What basic difference does Allen see between converts in Paul's time and converts in modern times?

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