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Introduction to Missions
Mission Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?
Chapters 7 and 8: Paul's Preaching and Teaching

  1. Which two of the four characteristics of Paul's preaching do you feel are the most lacking today?

  2. Why does Allen not think that Paul's speeches at Lystra and Athens were representative of Paul's gospel to the Gentiles?

  3. What was Paul's attitude and teaching as regards idolatry?

  4. Give one or two words to describe each of the nine elements of Paul's preaching to the Thessalonians.

  5. How does Allen characterize faith in Christ? How does this relate to baptism?

  6. What two fundamental doctrines that Paul taught does Allen say have been lost in modern preaching?

  7. What expectation did Paul have when he preached?

  8. What was Paul's attitude toward rejection?

  9. How can authority in the hands of the missionary hurt mission work?

  10. What do modern missionaries often establish that Paul did not?

  11. How long did it usually take Paul to establish a church? Does Allen feel this period of time was a help or a hinderance? Why?

  12. What writings did Paul leave with his converts?

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