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Introduction to Missions
Supporting National Preachers

By Gerald Paden

  1. How much of the missions budget of Churches of Christ does Paden think might be spent on supporting foreign personnel?

  2. What three factors are seen as benefits of supporting national preachers to spread the gospel? Which of these are seen as a definite plus by Paden?

  3. With what does Paden think that former religious ties and social behavior may leave national converts?

  4. What does Paden say that his study is not proposing?

  5. Who does Paden say the scriptures make responsible for the support of the preacher? Can you think of any counter-examples to this in scripture? If so, what?

  6. What church that Paul established sent him funds later?

  7. What are nine negative results of Americans supporting national preachers?
  8. What are six negative results that happen to churches with national preachers supported from another country?
  9. What analogy does Paden use to illustrate support from outside one's country?

  10. What four self's does Paden list that churches should be?

  11. What six suggestions does Paden have in conclusion?

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