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I Timothy 2

  1. What kind of prayers does Paul urge be made? For whom? For what reason?

  2. Who does God want to be saved?

  3. Who is the mediator between God and man?

  4. What did Jesus give himself as?

  5. What three titles does Paul use to describe himself as a minister?

  6. Where does Paul want men to pray?

  7. What physical position does Paul say men should have when they pray?

  8. What should men not have when they pray?

  9. How should women adorn themselves? With what kind of clothes? With what kind of deeds?

  10. With what should women not adorn themselves?

  11. With what two attributes should women learn?

  12. What two things does Paul not permit a woman to do? What two reasons does Paul give for this?

  13. Through what does Paul say that woman will be saved (brought safely through)?

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