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I Timothy 5

  1. How should one treat an older woman?

  2. How should one treat a younger man?

  3. How should one treat a younger woman? What should accompany this conduct?

  4. What does a real widow who is left alone spend her time doing?

  5. What does Paul say about the person who does not provide for his own family?

  6. What qualifications other than age must a widow meet to be enrolled?

  7. Why did Paul say to refuse to enroll younger widows?

  8. What three things do younger widows who do not remarry become?

  9. What widows is the church supposed to help?

  10. What two scriptures does Paul quote to show it is alright to pay elders?

  11. How many witnesses does it require to accuse an elder?

  12. Where does an evangelist rebuke an elder who sins?

  13. What two things does Paul say are obvious or conspicuous?

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