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II Timothy 2

  1. To whom did Paul want Timothy to entrust the things he had taught him?

  2. What did a soldier not get involved or entangled with?

  3. How must an athelete compete if he wants to be crowned?

  4. Who gets the first share of the crops?

  5. What was being used to bind Paul as a prisoner?

  6. What will be the result if we deny or disown Christ?

  7. Why does Christ remain faithful?

  8. What does Paul want Timothy to warn Christians not to argue about?

  9. What disease does Paul say that false teaching will spread like?

  10. What kind of materials are vessels in a house made out of?

  11. What two kinds of uses or purposes for vessels does Paul contrast?

  12. What that comes with youth does Paul want Timothy to shun or flee?

  13. How is one to correct or instruct his opponents? Why does he do it this way?

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