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Double Homework
II Timothy 4

  1. When does Paul want Timothy to be urgently prepared to preach the word?

  2. What will people not endure or put up with in times to come?

  3. What kind of ears will people have who want teachers that will say what they want to hear?

  4. What kind of work is Timothy told to do?

  5. What does Paul say he has fought?

  6. What does Paul say is laid up in store for him?

  7. Whom does Paul say the Lord, the righteous judge, will award on the day of judgment?

  8. When did Paul want Timothy to come? (two answers in this chapter; give both)

  9. Who had deserted Paul? Why?

  10. Who did Paul want Timothy to bring with him because he was useful or helpful?

  11. What three things did Paul want Timothy to bring with him?

  12. Who had done Paul great harm?

  13. From what did Paul say that he had been rescued or delivered at his first defense?

  14. What did Paul say that the Lord would save him for or to?

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