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Study Questions

Chapter 1

  1. What two things does Paul characterize himself as in the opening of the letter to Titus?

  2. When was eternal life promised? When was it made apparent?

  3. To what group or party did the false teachers that Paul warned Titus about belong? What are three ways that he characterized such people?

  4. Why did Paul want Titus to rebuke the Cretans sharply?

  5. What is pure to those who are pure? What is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving?

  6. What are those who deny God by their deeds unfit for?

Chapter 2

  1. What does Paul want Titus to teach?

  2. What three things are supposed to characterize Titus' teaching?

  3. What three positives does Paul command for slaves? What two negatives are they not to do?

  4. What are Christians to be zealous/eager to do?

  5. What is Titus to use his authority to do?

Chapter 3

  1. How does Paul describe the way we used to be?

  2. What appeared so that God saved us?

  3. What kind of hope do we have as heirs?

  4. Where had Paul decided to spend the winter?

  5. What two people did Paul want Titus to help on their way?

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