Similarities between the Egyptian Sojourn and the 12th Dynasty

  1. The 12th Dynasty was over all Egypt, both north and south

  2. The capital was moved to the north near the Nile Delta (Itjtawy/Itjtowy)

  3. The first king was murdered by his servants

  4. During the reign of the second king, grain was stored up and distributed during a famine

  5. The dynasty lasted over 200 years

  6. A later king was noted for throwing his enemies into the water

  7. Many Asiatics lived in Egypt during this time

  8. There were great building projects toward the end of this dynasty

  9. Mud bricks were used in construction projects during this dynasty

  10. The last king only reigned 9 years and then disappeared from history; his tomb has never been found

  11. He was replaced by his queen who was able to hold the throne only 4 years at the end of the dynasty; her tomb has never been found

Name of
B.C. Dates
by Ian Shaw
B.C. Dates
by Ted Stewart
Amenemhet I / Amenemhat I 1985-1956 1688-1667
Senusret I / Sesostris I 1956-1911 1667-1625
Amenemhet II / Amenemhat II 1911-1877 1625-1590
Senusret II / Sesostris II 1877-1870 1590-1542
Senusret III / Sesostris III 1870-1831 1542-1506
Amenemhet III / Amenemhat III 1831-1786 1506-1456
Amenemhet IV / Amenemhat IV 1786-1777 1456-1446
Queen Sobekneferu / Sebek-Nefru 1777-1773 1446-1442


Shaw, Ian. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2000.

Stewart, Ted T. Solving the Exodus Mystery. Lubbock, TX:, 2003.

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